War Axe £45

This fine weapon may be responsible for many of the slain that will litter the battlefield. It may also be cursed.


Gladius – £40

My name is Decimus Meridius Maxiumus. Son of a murdered umm.. thing. You get the idea. £40.

War Hammer – £40

Help your opponent out of his expensive plate armour with this nifty war hammer. Or just admire it for the wonderful artifact that it is. It’s your call.

Rune Sword £30

10.1 sm

The runes that adorn this short sword were nicked off a cast that came from ‘kin cheap. Take that James!

Basic Longsword £45

Basic Longsword

Bit of a slapdash effort here. Look at the leather on the handle… pink? “Could do better. See me after class.”

42′ Curved Katana £50

42' LARP Katana


I thought katanas were cool so I made a few for the Gathering last year. How wrong I was. Only sold one. I blame people. People are jerks.

Welcome to my blog – this will be used to showcase my LARP (foam & latex, or ‘boffer’) weapons and the occasional other LARP related item. Please check back regularly for updates, or email/comment if you’re after a custom item!