6 coreless stakes 20cm long

6 coreless stakes

Insert “killing the guy from Twilight” joke here.

26″ Battle Axe £35

Cleave your enemy in twain with this nifty item.

Tanto Dagger £15


Stakes £20

Again.. vampires are jerks. Kill them with these coreless stakes. I bet you could kill that guy from Twilight with these.

Vampire Slayer Kit £20

Vampires bore me. Kill them with this mallet and stakes. All are coreless. Hammer them through the black heart of that guy from Twilight.

Throwing Axes – £20

You can thow these at people that annoy you. They are coreless and fly really well. In fact a non role player bought these for his Grandchildren. Sweet.

Elf Sword £40

It’s not magical. Elves are not cool either. It’s their hair that bothers me. Jerkwads. Funny story. I accidently got some ink on the handle of this one but then made it into a feature with some more airbrush work. Genius.